Monday, October 29, 2007

Art as Art

Prior to my glamorous (ahem) life as a freelance writer (just call me Carrie Bradshaw), I worked as Development Coordinator for Art21, Inc. in NYC.

Art21 produces the documentary series Art:21-Art in the Twenty-First Century for PBS. Last night, the first episode in Season Four of the series premiered after Masterpiece Theatre (actually the best time slot the series has ever hooked).

The series uses themes as a loose way to connect the artists they highlight in each episode (four artists per one hour episode) instead of a medium, subject matter, etc. The theme of the first episode was ROMANCE; proving that neither the artists' work nor the concept of romance is rigid, predictable, or formulaic. Romance featured Laurie Simmons, Lari Pittman, Judy Pfaff, and Pierre Huyghe.

Art21 gives you an inside look into the artists' minds and studios, something that a lot of people miss as part of art education. While my parents fell asleep halfway through, I was so stoked to see how all the behind the scenes work comes together in (what I believe) is one of the greatest documentary series on PBS. It was also exciting to see my name roll by on the credits!

Check out their site to find out when the next episode is airing on your PBS station , find educational resources , and watch clips of interviews from seasons past and present!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

C'est LaVie

Check out the first page of my first published article! I'm totally excited about continuing to write for LaVie Magazine. Check out the beautiful LaVie website.

This article is about the Coastal Conservation Association of Louisiana as part of the September issue's theme: Louisiana Sportsman's Paradise.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Tales of a Biscuit Eater*

Sea Biscuit? (not quite right)
Dog biscuits? (sort of...)
Biscuits and gravy! (now we’re talkin')

The biscuit is, well, a big deal. As a city where you can order up pretty much any cuisine (at any time of the day), why hasn’t New York City caught on to the biscuit yet? It seems that an encounter with this delicious Southern treat might as well be catalogued as urban legend in NYC...

That is, until today! I have found a biscuit in NYC that will rival any below the Mason-Dixon line.

Where: The Neptune Room
511 Amsterdam Ave
*take the 1/2/3 train or the C to 86th street; walk south, find the restaurant btw. 85th and 84th
When: Brunch, served Sat. and Sun. 11:30 to 3:00
What to Order: the Country Breakfast
*This includes sunny side up eggs, maple sausage, bacon,Parmesanmesan grits, gravy, and...wait for it...a BUTTERMILK BISCUIT!!!! (Ask for it on the side if you don'’t want it covered in gravy) All for only $14; this also includes a choice of one
complimentary drink (mimosa, bellini, bloody mary)

On top of the tasty biscuit and cheesy grits (also difficult to find on any NYC menu), the rest of the goods get scores high above average diner fare. The Neptune Room also gets high marks for welcoming decor and clean bathrooms.

Don't fall for these so-called "biscuits":
1) Pink Teacup = Claiming to bring "the best in Southern cuisine to this side of the Eastern US border", this West Village eatery does not live up to its mission. Canned biscuits? Please! And let me tell you, I never thought you could ruin canned biscuits till I ate here. Definitely a skip.

2) The Barking Dog = A fun spot for brunch, with three different locations.
These guys don'’t even bother trying. The menu lists "biscuits” with many of the brunch dishes (my heart started getting all a twitter with the prospect). Someone should explain to the Barking Dog that the baking term “roll” is NOT synonymous with "biscuit”. Waiter, I think there's a lie in my food...…

*Learn the meaning of Biscuit Eater

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Hello World!

Hello there to the beautiful people who are now my readership! I'll spare you the first-time blogger overture and jump right into it!

Last year, I made the trek from New Orleans to New York City. I'll always call the Big Easy home, but for now the Big Apple is my stomping ground. NYC is exhausting in its pace, size, and professional expectations. Luckily, it offers up an ever-changing and expanding repertoire of entertainment opportunities as an attempt at apologizing.

With that said, making choices about how to fill your recreation time can be overwhelming. Like you, this New York-ette is always in search of a quick fix for fun, food and adventure. Follow me on my outings in the city for great deals on great days (including tasty meals!) that can be had--but may be hidden--in this concrete jungle.